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Advice, Advice everywhere... [16 Jun 2011|12:28am]

So I'm looking for advice on a new hairstyle. I'm about to embark on a wonderful thing called college and have considered going short for a while. The thing is I want something fun, but also something I can part normally and still look professional and trustworthy in. Right now, I think that's the biggest factor that's keeping me with my long hair, especially in this summer heat (in a state where it's ALWAYS summer).

I have no problems keeping my hair as it is now or with reverting back to an old style. Maybe I'll go for something totally new. I just ask for honest advice since I'm just toying with the idea in general.

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You can't really tell, but my hair reaches past my shoulder blades now, and since it really isn't damaged and whatnot I'm hesitant to chop it off. Opinions please~! And suggestions for cuts, ut you vote cut, for my facial structure and... stuff. I know nothing about how these things work. But nothing overly styled because I won't keep up with the wax thing every day.

Please and thank you!

omg where's the hair

getting my hair cut this weekend [24 Jun 2008|02:31pm]

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omg where's the hair

Extreme cut! [21 May 2008|03:42pm]

Well, here's the deal.

I'm Monica. I've always had long hair, and I've never really had "pretty" hair... I mean, its okay, but I've never done much with it. I'm 18, and graduating highschool in a week and a half, and I want to cut it. I really, really want to cut it.

Right now, its mid-backish. I want something short, but not toooo short. Like chin length... and I want something fairly "edgy." Side bangs are a plus, but I can't stand "straight across" bangs. I have ear piercings, so it'd be cool if they showed, but I'm not sure I want to go that extreme.

Also, Its very "flat" ... very little body, very very fine shafts. It used to be oily, but not so much anymore... so any "poof" styles will simply not work. Haha.

Mainly, I really really want cut suggestions. Pictures would be amazingly fabulous.
Any advice on styling would be excellent as well.

I have a pseudo appointment this coming Tuesday, meaning a friend and I have said "lets go get our hair cut Tuesday" but no appointment has been made [as the place I normally go is a walk in place]. Which means I can cop out if I must, but I'd really rather not. I really, really want this. I'm just... very indecisive.

So please! Suggestions! I beg of you.
Thanks in advance!

PS - Crossposted everywhere. Major apologies if you see this twice, but I'm desperate!
omg where's the hair

who will cut our hair....? [09 Apr 2008|02:12pm]


Okay, I need something new for my hair.  Right now it is slightly shorter than in the pictures, about an inch below my shoulder.  I want short, but I have no clue if short hair would even work for me.  I want it to be cute and badass but I have super thick hair so I need to make it manageable.

Any help would be excellent. Thanks <3
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Newbie! [27 Jan 2008|12:23am]

Hello! My name is Julie and I've always had long hair. I recently lost a bet, which led me to put my hair in a low ponytail and chop it off. Having never had short hair, and being a bit of a tom-boy, I need some serious help. Any takers? Please?

Right after the cut! It has grown back a little since... it almost touches my shoulders. Almost.Collapse )

And her's the face-forward one to show my face shape... before the cut, sorry ^^;;Collapse )

My hair has been colored many times. Everything from black to red to purple to blue to brown with blonde highlights. I now work for an airline and cant go too wild with color.
My natural hair is a medium brown, with more of a reddish tint than a gold. At the moment I have added a bit more red.
It is straight mostly, but either flips out or curves in at the ends.

omg where's the hair

new here D: [25 Jan 2008|11:38am]

[ mood | curious ]

i'm ashlee. i'm 22. i'm a freelance artist and a mom.
aaaand, in need of serious hair HELP!
my hair is bleh.
there is no other word for it.

i want to get it cut shorter into something more fab.
i am open to suggestions/advice.
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omg where's the hair

[29 Aug 2007|10:46pm]

Hello. All, I got new short hair!

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Hellooo, I'm new. [29 Aug 2007|02:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Me from about a month ago (my hair has not been cut since, and it grows quickly):

This is what I'm wanting to get it cut like:

Do any of you have any tips on how to train hair quickly??

My hair is super thick, mostly straight (there's a little wave here and there) and as I mentioned, trained to spike.

I appreciate any help. I currently have bobby pins in my hair...and I'm figuring there has to be a better way. LoL. Thanks in advance.

omg where's the hair

[09 Jun 2007|04:52pm]

i am new here and in desperate need of advice [=
i have wavy-ish hair and i always either curl it or straighten it because i don't like it just as is. my hair is dreadfully thin, but it's got volume when it's short.
i am wanting to cut my hair like this;;
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[23 May 2007|09:29pm]

Hi, I'm new and my name is Kasey. I've had short hair for the past three years and I've had bangs for just as long.

My problem is, my face is over-the-top oily. So by fourth period my bangs are all piece-ey (and not in teh sexy way). I was wondering if any of you had suggestions as to how to keep my bangs fresh and not so limp?

Thank you!
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winter haircut? [05 Nov 2006|05:24pm]

Hey, I'm new...in need of advice. I have really really really thick, straight hair, and lots of it. Consequently, it gets really annoying when it gets long. Right now it's just past shoulder length, hasn't been cut since march, and it is time for a change. As it is getting cold, though, I'm torn between keeping it longer for the warmth aspect, or cutting it short enough to not have to deal with tangles caused by hats and scarves.

I haven't had my hair any shorter than a chin-length bob since...third grade (that's a good 13 years ago...ish), so I'm nervous about getting it cut. Also, because of the thickness, it tends to get really frizzy, so I don't know what to expect when it's short...

I guess all I need is a little reassurance. And maybe some advice as to what to tell the person cutting my hair about what I'd like.
omg where's the hair

NEW/GETTING HAIR CUT [10 Aug 2006|02:35pm]

ok im new.
Well for school I want a new hair cut.
I;d like it relativly short like 1-2 inches off shoulder.
I have really curly hair. but i straighten..
What should I do..

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Hair dilemmas [04 Aug 2006|12:05pm]

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lolprom. [25 May 2006|04:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So I have to go to a prom in two weeks. I love my hair and it's awesome daily but I've never really made it fancy.
This is where you come in.
Any ideas, thoughts or pictures I could use for reference to do my hair would be great.
I'm open to absolutely any suggestions.
I'm doing everything myself because I don't have the time or money for some schmancy salon appointment.

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[14 May 2006|10:00pm]

Helloooo, Im new and have a question. First off, I have relatively long (and very unhealthy) hair at the moment, but have been dying to just hack it all off. Of course I'm chicken shit though, and haven't (yet). My problem is that I have naturally VERY curly hair (which I've chemically straightened now though), and its also very thick. How would short hair work with thick hair that'll grow in curly? I'm terrible at getting myself to the salon to get it straightened again, its just such a long and boring process I try to put it off for as long as possible.

So I don't want to cut it short, then have it look silly once it begins growing in funny. Please help, my hair needs change :( Any tips on what you think would look good would be really appreciated. (Also, I'm considering bangs. Your opinions on long bangs would be spiffy too)

And for good measure, some picturesCollapse )

Thanks so much :)
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