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new here D:

i'm ashlee. i'm 22. i'm a freelance artist and a mom.
aaaand, in need of serious hair HELP!
my hair is bleh.
there is no other word for it.

i want to get it cut shorter into something more fab.
i am open to suggestions/advice.

disclaimer: hub loves to take photos when i'm in the middle of something. normally wrestling my son into clothes or in the middle of prying him away from my makeup.

i am a mom. so i need something easy.
but i am beyond sick of blah.
i have a round face (i'm the chubz- haven't lost all of the preg. weight yet T3T)
AND curly/wavy/unruly hair
the whole shebang of blah:

this is how i had my hair a few years ago (forgive the myspace poses. it was college.)
and before that: a chelsea

help! please! growing my hair out isn't really an option... my son thinks he's Tarzan. D:
plus, long hair looks baaaaad on me. it becomes the everlasting "christmas tree" look.
i need something that looks great styled (easy to style hopefully :3) and looks good with my stupid curls/waves.

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