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Helloooo, Im new and have a question. First off, I have relatively long (and very unhealthy) hair at the moment, but have been dying to just hack it all off. Of course I'm chicken shit though, and haven't (yet). My problem is that I have naturally VERY curly hair (which I've chemically straightened now though), and its also very thick. How would short hair work with thick hair that'll grow in curly? I'm terrible at getting myself to the salon to get it straightened again, its just such a long and boring process I try to put it off for as long as possible.

So I don't want to cut it short, then have it look silly once it begins growing in funny. Please help, my hair needs change :( Any tips on what you think would look good would be really appreciated. (Also, I'm considering bangs. Your opinions on long bangs would be spiffy too)

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Before prom a few weeks ago, I straightened and curled the ends. Please ignore the gross red splotchyness. When I get nervous, I break out in like, a rash. And obviously, I was nervous.

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Back in the beginning of the year

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And the back, I think I was leaning my head back so it looks a bit longer than it actually was. I think it aroun that length now though

It looks a little fuller in these photos, than it actually is, just fyi.

Thanks so much :)
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