Mary (quillpen) wrote in hairoverthere,

winter haircut?

Hey, I'm need of advice. I have really really really thick, straight hair, and lots of it. Consequently, it gets really annoying when it gets long. Right now it's just past shoulder length, hasn't been cut since march, and it is time for a change. As it is getting cold, though, I'm torn between keeping it longer for the warmth aspect, or cutting it short enough to not have to deal with tangles caused by hats and scarves.

I haven't had my hair any shorter than a chin-length bob since...third grade (that's a good 13 years ago...ish), so I'm nervous about getting it cut. Also, because of the thickness, it tends to get really frizzy, so I don't know what to expect when it's short...

I guess all I need is a little reassurance. And maybe some advice as to what to tell the person cutting my hair about what I'd like.
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