Kit ~(o_o)~ (unknownseraphim) wrote in hairoverthere,
Kit ~(o_o)~

Advice, Advice everywhere...

So I'm looking for advice on a new hairstyle. I'm about to embark on a wonderful thing called college and have considered going short for a while. The thing is I want something fun, but also something I can part normally and still look professional and trustworthy in. Right now, I think that's the biggest factor that's keeping me with my long hair, especially in this summer heat (in a state where it's ALWAYS summer).

I have no problems keeping my hair as it is now or with reverting back to an old style. Maybe I'll go for something totally new. I just ask for honest advice since I'm just toying with the idea in general.

Typically how I wear my hair now. Half up, half down, but usually not straigtened and that little bang-thing is gone.

The cut below minus the salon styling/straigtening.


Annnd the most recent picture I have of me from graduation.


You can't really tell, but my hair reaches past my shoulder blades now, and since it really isn't damaged and whatnot I'm hesitant to chop it off. Opinions please~! And suggestions for cuts, ut you vote cut, for my facial structure and... stuff. I know nothing about how these things work. But nothing overly styled because I won't keep up with the wax thing every day.

Please and thank you!

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